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The Saga Of His Holiness Prabhu Swamiji

His Holiness Prabhu Swamiji was born on 15th October 1929. Swamiji Joined Shivayogimandir at very young age. He was very sportive in all the activities Dr. Shivabasava Swamiji used to organize. H. H. Prabhu Swamiji also successfully continued the activities under the divin guidance of his predecessor H.H. Dr. Shivabasava Swamiji and he was the 8th peethadhipathi of this math. He was an embodiment of simplicity, creativity, spirituality, modesty and untiring selfless activities. Having earned his M.A degree in Sanskrit from maharaja’s Sanskrit College Mysore, he was the pontiff of Nagnur Rudrakshimath from 1961 to 1987. With his foresight he founded a number of Educational Institutions and also started the center for the Competitive examinations in the cosmopolitan cities of Bangalore and Delhi. Unfortunately because of his unexpected and untimely demise, we have been deprived of his longer selfless service. Still we remember his dedicated service        

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