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Central Research Library Of Lingayat Studies is located in Belagavi. It is one of the greatest resourceful libraries available in the country to study and research about the Lingayat religion, it is perhaps the first of its kind in Karnataka. It is the brain child of Shri Siddharam Swamiji of Nagnur Rudrakshi Math established 22 years ago in 1995, since then it has developed with an immense collection of 13916 books on Veerashaivism, Vachana Literature, Life sketches of Sharanas and history of Veerashaiva kings in kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Sanskrit, Marathi, Hindi and English. The Library gets more than 23 Journals on Veerashaivism published in Kannada , Marathi, Telugu and Hindi. These include Basav Patha, MahaMane , Paranjyoti, Prasada, Tharalabalu, Siddaganga, Sharana Patha and Basav Journal. Copies of old journals like ShivanuBhava, Saddharma Deepike, VeraShaiva, Sharana Sahitya , Sukumara, Sahitya Samithi Patrike, Prabodha and Sharana are also available here. The library also has a rich collection of over 300 rare palm-leaf manuscripts with as many as 600 books. A descriptive catalogue of thesis manuscripts have been published with financial assistance from the National Archives. The library is headed by Dr. S.R. Gunjal, a retired professor in library and information sciences in Karnataka University and Gulbarga University assisted by Mr. B.B. Hosamani, retired Director of the Department of Public Libraries in Karnataka, has taken up an ambitious project of preparing an Encyclopedia on Veerashaivism and Veerashaivas in five volumes of 500 pages each, recognized by the Kannada Univesity at Hampi as a Research Centre , is also attracting scholars and researchers not only from within the country but also from USA and Japan. The Library, earlier housed in the Naganur Swamiji’s Math, now has a separate building at S.G. Balekundri Institute of Technology Campus premises, Belagavi. The Central Research Library Of Lingayat Studies recently has been awarded with prestigious Karnataka Rajyotsava Award 2017 in the Institution domain.

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