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The Saga Of His Holiness Dr. Siddharam Swamiji

His Holiness Dr. Shri Siddharama Swamiji was born on 12th December 1958 in Bilagi, at very young age Swamiji joined Shivayogimandir near Badami which is the University of religious education. He was very brilliant in studies, sportive in cultural and social activities. He was utmost favorite of Dr. Shivabasava Swamiji. Upon completion his bachelor’s degree Dr. Siddaram Swamiji did his MA in philosophy from Karnataka University, Dharwad. On the demise of Dr. Shivabasava Swamiji, His Holiness Siddharam Swamiji Succeeded as the sole trustee. Swamiji is the present and 9th Pontiff of Naganur Sri Rudrakshimath, a Voracious reader, a good writer and translator, progressive thinker, brilliant orator , an education and book lover, above all a veritable environmentalist, is the president of the trust. Rani Chennamma University, Belagavi, conferred on him an honorary doctorate in 2013. Nature is a true guardian of all living beings, to maintain an ecological balance he joined hands with Vana Sanvardhana Trustto improve the forest wealth of our state by planting more than 50 lakh saplings throughout Belagavi and Bagalkot districts.


Benefaction towards Society
Founder of Lingayat Adhyana Academy, and blessed the centre in every way is a lover of learning, his committed mission is to spread the religious knowledge to a awaken the people to the higher values, Authors for 16 books on religious and philosophical and also translator for various books, a regular Columnist in all major Kannada newspapers, conducting workshops for young Pontiff’s and also Provides free accommodation support for IAS/KAS aspirants.


Library: -In the service of religion
To eradicate ignorance he established central research library of Lingayat studies having more than 15 thousand books regarding Lingayat religion and Vachana literatures, a rare collection of over  ancient 300 palm-leaf manuscripts to spread essential principles of Lingayat religion and it publishes two monthly magazines and recognized as research centre in Hampi University, it also attracting scholars and researchers within India and abroad from USA and Japan, recently it was awarded by prestigious Karnataka Rajyotsava Award 2017 in Institution domain.


Vriddashrama: -A Solace to the old
Growing an old is an inevitable. Old people have restricted their social attraction and to limited earning possibilities with several medical complications, emotional isolation and very limited knowledge or awareness of their legal rights and natural reluctance to seek justice. Shri Siddharama Swamiji has founded the Vriddashrama to protect senior citizens and it has been taking care of them.


Knowledge through:  Shri Siddharameshwar education Trust
The contribution of the trust towards mitigation of the misery of the unemployed youths is considerably great. It runs many Schools, Colleges and Technical and training Institutes in and around Belagavi.


Agriculture: -The best of all Occupations
Agriculture the backbone of India plays pivotal rule in human life. It not only provides food and raw material but also self employment opportunities to very large population. Swamiji organized functions in association with all other Swamiji’s in various places of Karnataka to focus on essentials of agriculture field and recently conducted seminars and workshops to develop vision towards agriculture.


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