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Rudrakshimath of Naganur has a long and excellent tradition of rendering service to mankind. It heralded the dawn of socio-religious awakening in north Karnataka. ‘Work is Worship’ is the prime principle of lingayathism, that has given birth to innumerable paragon personalities. His Holiness Dr. Shivabasava Swamiji (1889 – 1194) had been one among them. He was a divine incarnate and an exemplary visionary. Shri Swamiji firmly believed that, ‘Service to man is service to god’ because of this, he started ‘Vidyarthi Prasad Nilaya’ in the year 1932 to provide food and accommodation to the poor students irrespective of caste, creed and region. In the year 1975, he founded Shri Siddharameshwar Education Trust. In gratitude of his incredible social service and remarkable role in the national freedom struggle, Karnataka University Dharwad , conferred on him the Honorary Doctorate in the year 1989. In recognition of its services to society, Rudrakshimath, a monastery of all welfare and charity was awarded “Rajyotsav Prashasti” in the year 1992 and “Suvarna Karnataka Ekikarana Prashasti” in the year 2006 by the Government of Karnataka. His Holiness Dr. Shivabasava Swamiji established an ideal tradition in the history of Naganur Shri Rudrakshimath.

Dr. ShivaBasava Mahaswamiji's Saga

The Pillar's of Rudrakshimath


His Holiness Dr. Shivabasava Mahaswamiji
(1889 - 1994)


His Holiness Prabhu Mahaswamiji.
(1930 - 1987)


His Holiness Dr. Siddharam Mahaswamiji
(Present Pontiff)


His Holiness Dr. Allamaprabhu Mahaswamiji
(Present Pontiff)



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